Sandbags are a simple and effective way to prevent or reduce the damage caused by flooding. When filled and placed properly sandbags can act as a barrier to divert the flow of water around, instead of through, a building.

As one would imagine, sandbag construction does not guarantee a water-tight seal, however, it is satisfactory for most applications. It is especially effective when combined with a pump to extract the water that does leak through.

Sandbags are also commonly used to prevent the overtopping of streams with levees, and for diverting current flows to a specific location.

Click here for a handy guide on the proper usage of sandbags.

Sandbag Pricing:

$1.85/each picked up

$2.15/each delivered, minimum of 800 bags, FOB to customer site

They come palletized, ready for storage and placement.

How many bags do I need?
Each circumstance is individual, so please call for input.

Do I need plastic?
We would suggest that you purchase plastic as well.

What do I do about cleanup?
We can provide pricing on a case by case basis, so please call when the time comes.
Call Us at 253. 872. 7222 for helpful advice or to inquire about our products.
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Can I bag my own sand?

Yes, you can!

Sand delivered: $15.25/ton
(15 tons will fill approximately 600 bags)

Bags & ties: $.30/bag

Scooper shovel: $25.00/ea
(This works better than your usual garden shovel)

Our bags are 1600 hour UV bags.