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What would you do if your home or business was completely destroyed in the largest Green River flood in 50 years?

Unfortunately this is the potential reality facing many home and business owners in the Green River Valley today. The Howard Hanson Dam, which has been keeping the Green River out of the Green River Valley for the last 50 years is still quite structurally sound, however, it was installed in a gorge that was already partially blocked by a 10,000 year old landslide. This landslide is starting to leak water, which causes great concern to the army core of engineers, and should also to everyone in who lives in, or operates a business in the valley below.

King County has issued this warning on their website:

Residents, businesses and farms below the Howard Hanson Dam in the Green River Valley should prepare now for a higher risk of flooding.

The higher risk is due to water seeping more rapidly through an earthen bank next to the dam after record high water last winter. Until the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) can make repairs, it must limit the amount of flood water it stores behind the dam.

If heavy and prolonged rain occurs this flood season (roughly October through March), many homes and businesses in the valley that don't typically see flood water--including parts of Auburn, Kent, Renton, South Seattle and Tukwila--could be flooded.

Evacuations in some communities are possible. Key transportation routes and transit service could be disrupted, and power outages and sewage back-ups are possible even outside the immediate flood zone.


On August 26, 2009, the King County Committee of the Whole received a briefing that contained some disturbing imagery.
The full document can be found here.

Depending on your proximity to the river and specific location, there may be something you can do to prevent catastrophe. Sandbags are effective at holding back flood water up to four feet high. Kent Flood offers sandbags at significantly lower prices than competitors and in most cases will even deliver to your door.

Also, even if your home or business isn't in immediate danger of being flooded, many people are unaware of the issues that plague sewers during a particularly bad flood. Commonly sewer pipes will back-up with water, which in turn causes the sewage to bubble back up to the surface and out of the places it normally goes down. (For example: your toilets, sinks, etc.) This potentially damaging, messy, hazardous, and smelly problem can be averted with the installation of something called an "Extendable Backwater Valve". Kent Flood is also proud to offer the installation of these to help keep to sewage out of your home.

Do not wait to prepare. It is now only getting colder and rainier with each passing day. Once it starts raining the prices on flood damage preventatives will only go one direction: up.

Please give us a call at 253 872-7222 to find out how we can help you get prepared. Don't let this winter season be the last for your home or business.

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