Clean Check® extendable backwater valves prevent sewage backup into a building as a result of a plugged sewer system, excess volume in the system or groundwater flooding. They are designed to be installed easily outside a home, business, or other structure without using a costly manhole, and are readily accessible for maintenance or cleaning. The extendable valves consist of a tee-shaped valve body, a top collar and a bottom collar with a replaceable PVC flapper attached. In the event of back-pressure, the flapper blocks the reverse flow and prevents a sewage backup.

If you do not have an extendable backwater valve you could be at risk. If the river overflows by as little as 18 inches you may soon find sewage coming back up into your building from every point it once went down. Having raw sewage flow out of your toilets and sinks is not only smelly, but a dangerous biohazard that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Many buildings not at immediate risk of flooding are at risk of a sewage backup. Once the flood waters come it doesn't matter if the water reaches your doorstep, it will already be in your sewers.
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  • A simple and low-cost solution for backwater headaches.
  • No manhole with exterior installation.
  • Installs up to 12 feet deep.
  • No more coordination with the concrete contractor to pour inside pit.
  • Eliminates need for interior installation.
  • No more backwater valves under doorway, cabinets, stairwell, floor covering, etc.
  • No more sewer gases or mess into the building during maintenance inspection.
  • "Hands Off" Cleaning.
  • Easy to perform maintenance & inspections from ground level.
  • Outside installation eliminates health risks inside building.
The effect of sewer backup in a basement is even more dramatic. Graphic thanks to City of Regina, California